martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011


Author: Elizabeth Segoviano
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It´s time to wake up sleepy heads! The moon is long gone and night has lifted it´s dark veil.

Forget about the pillow, and slip the sheets away, it´s time for you to start a brand new day!

It´s time to wake up honey bees! Wash your sweet little faces up ... and don´t forget to brush your teeth!

It´s high time for you to get ready to give to the world the very best of your heart, mind and soul!

It´s time to wake up little ones! The sun is calling out your names, he wants you all to grow, to learn,to laugh, to play and show him some new tricks,jokes and games.

It´s time to wake up sweethearts! The cool morning breeze wants to dance and jump around with each single one of you, the wind wants to tell you all about the stories and secrets he has kept.

It´s time to wake up my loved ones! There is no time to waste! for there´re a lot of new friends to make, lots of bugs to name, and hundreds of kites to fly way up high in the blue sky ... and don´t forget about the tons of bubles to blow and burst away! and the new flavours of icecream and cakes you haven´t taste yet.

It´s time to wake up jeally beans! I´ts time to live some new adventures and make lots of dreams real, so when the moon and stars return you can tell them all about the magnificient bright, fun day you just had ... and before you know it ... it will be time to close your eyes and begin to dream about another day to live, to laugh, to learn and play.

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